The Most Wonderful Snowman of the Year


It’s officially fall, our bellies are officially stuffed from yesterday’s turkey, and now it’s officially time to start decorating for Christmas!

In our house, the tradition is to decorate the day after Thanksgiving. But seriously, who can wait that long? I was able to restrain myself long enough to wait until yesterday.  We ended up setting up the Christmas tree and some outside lights last night, and saved the rest of the decorating for today.

The first thing that goes up and signals the beginning of the Christmas season (other than the tree, of course!) is this oh-so-adorable snowman wreath. He’s ridiculously easy to make (no crazy power tools needed), and will look great on your front door!

Supplies Needed:

3 Grapevine wreaths (1 small, 1 medium, 1 large – mine are 8”, 10” and 14”)
– Grapevine wreaths can be found at most craft stores, I bought mine at Hobby Lobby.
White spray paint (I just use the .99 cans from Wal-Mart)
White zip ties

First, you’ll want to spray paint your wreaths white. I like mine to look a bit more rustic, so I did a few very light coats, but you can go as heavy as you like on this step. Just make sure to do several light coats instead of one heavy coat to avoid drips. No one likes a melting Frosty!

One of my go-to painting accessories is this spray attachment. I think it was $3-4 at one of the home improvement stores, and it makes spray painting so much easier! No more worrying about uneven coats!


After your paint has dried, use two zip ties to secure each wreath to the next. I use one on each end to keep it all straight.


Once everything is secured, just adorn your snowman with some cute accessories! I have a cheap Santa hat that I normally put on his head, but it must still be buried somewhere in one of the decoration boxes. His scarf is just a wide piece of ribbon cut down.


Can you believe we’re only 26 (yes two six!) days away from Christmas? Have you started decorating yet?

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